Vegan Fajita Chickpea Bowl

Tasty, quick and super healthy, I love good food that you can literally make in minutes 💥

🥣 Ingredients 🥣

*for 1 person*

➡️ 1 tbsp oil – I use olive oil

➡️ 1/3 can drained chickpeas

➡️ Handful chopped mushrooms

➡️ Handful sliced courgette

➡️ 1 tsp or a sprinkle of fajita spice to taste (you can add more later if you need to)

➡️ Handful spinach leaves

➡️ Few sliced olives

➡️ Half a pack of @tildarice super grains – sweet potato, chilli and coconut rice

➡️ Handful of croutons for a yummy crunch (optional)

🥣 Method 🥣

✅ Heat the oil in a pan

✅ Add all the ingredients except for the olives and mix well for a few mins or until the mushrooms and courgette have softened

✅ Pop into a bowl and sprinkle the croutons on top

Enjoy!! 🤤👌😋😘

With love, Tash 💜

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