The Happy & Healthy Tribe #squadgoals

There is no better tribe than a happy and healthy one!



Over the last few months, I have been receiving more and more lovely requests from people wanting to join my happy and healthy tribe and write a guest post for my website which is the biggest compliment a blogger could receive in my eyes. I have had a few guest blog posts already and love to share new and fresh content so of course I would love to feature more guest writers.

I thought I should really put together some guidelines available for guest writers to review and follow when creating content for my blog which will help ensure that your content will get published.

Why Write for Happy Healthy Tash?

My blog currently reaches an audience of over 16,000 people via social media and loyal readers.

I will share your content across my social media platforms and with my readers and would love you to do the same.


My blog has a specific theme of happiness, good health and overall well-being so any guest posts and articles will need to follow the same theme.


Content needs to be original and created by the person sending it to me. I will only share new content created by you that hasn’t already been published elsewhere and this includes recipes.

Articles should be at least a minimum of 600 words.


Please send articles to me in Microsoft word format, attaching any photos that are to be included to your email. Please ensure that you clearly label where you would like the pictures to be placed within your article.

There are to be no hidden links. I am happy for you to include a link back to your website and social media sites, however this needs to be clear and obvious to the reader.

All articles submitted need to adhere to Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines

High Standards

My blog is my baby and I like to ensure that anything published on it is of a very high standard. Please ensure that you spell and grammar check your content before submitting it to me for review. Obviously I will thoroughly check anything before I publish it as well.

Reviewing & Editing Your Content

I reserve the right to review and edit your content as is appropriate, however I will send back any amendments and I will not publish your content until you have approved the changes.


Info-graphics should only be submitted with related text and will not be posted on their own.


I reserve the right to refuse to publish your content if it does not meet with any of the terms specified in these guidelines but hopefully that won’t happen 🙂

Content Submission

Please submit your content to me via my email address: –

I will let you know when your post will be published and send a link to the post back to you via email when it has been published.

If you have any ideas for content that you would like to discuss before submitting for review, please feel free to email me and I will respond ASAP.

With love, Tash ❤ x