Fruiteatox Review

I have seen so many people raving about Fruiteatox on Instagram, I thought I’d try it out myself and write a review to share my experience.


I chose to do the 14 day plan and bought these straight from their website. There are 14 daytime tea bags but only 7 nighttime tea bags due to the fact that the nighttime ones contain senna which is a laxative so it shouldn’t be consumed every night.

The Daytime Tea 

The daytime teabags contain; ginseng, ginger root, yerba mate, liquorice root, tie guan yin oolong, lemongrass, fennel seed, lemon peel and lemon oil.

This combination of ingredients are said to boost energy levels, fight fatigue, increase stamina, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, reduce bloating, suppress appetite, boost metabolism, boost immune system and cleanse the body.

I had one daytime tea every morning for 5 days and then had to stop due to some nasty negative side affects.

Let me start by saying that this tea does have a lovely refreshing taste and I drank it first thing on an empty stomach.

I didn’t decide to try the tea for weight-loss reasons, it was more for general health but when I had drunk this tea, I found I was forgetting to eat anything until late morning and even then, I really wasn’t very hungry. There were a couple of days where I actually forgot to eat lunch, which has literally never happened to me before. Food is LIFE! But this tea certainly worked at suppressing my appetite.

In addition to my appetite being suppressed, I also noticed that I hadn’t been able to sit down for more than 10 minutes without feeling restless and by the evening, I was feeling wiped out and really agitated. On day 3 of having the tea, my hubby commented on my mood and said I look stressed out and ‘wired’. This is not normal for me (thankfully) and the only thing I had changed was using these teabags so I had another look at the ingredients. Some of the ingredients (shown above) are classed as ‘energisers’ and ginseng is something I have taken before on it’s own and had to stop taking due to the same side affects. Unfortunately, I seem to be quite sensitive to anything that has any stimulants in it. I can’t even have caffeine anymore for the same reasons.

The Nighttime Tea 

The nighttime ones contain; chamomile, senna, valerian root, hawthorn leaves, lavender, orange peel and orange oil.

This combination of ingredients are said to have mild sedative effects, induce a restful sleep, stimulate bowel movements ridding the body of toxins, reduce insomnia, reduce nervous tension, reduce stress, relax muscles, improve blood flow and circulation, reduce inflammation, boost immune system and cleanse the body and skin.

I actually forgot to drink this on the first night but I remembered the next day. The tea smelt and tasted very strongly of lavender and chamomile and it really wasn’t to my taste.

I definitely slept well on the nights I had the tea but I don’t have problems sleeping 99% of the time anyway. The relaxing benefits of chamomile and lavender certainly did made me feel calm and sleepy but the taste was very off strong and off-putting.

Overall Verdict

I loved the taste of the morning tea and loved having it first thing in the morning. The energising ingredients certainly do their job and I got lots done on the days I drank it!

I can definitely agree with the claims that this tea is successful at being an energiser, an appetite suppressant and a stimulant as it worked exactly like that for me but that’s not always a good thing! I don’t want an appetite suppressant! I want a healthy appetite that fuels my life and my workouts rather than relying on herbs. Food is energy, especially when you eat the right stuff.

I personally just don’t really think that we need these energising ingredients every morning and I found that it’s just too much for my system to drink it every day. 

The nighttime one was hard to drink as the taste wasn’t to my liking and I don’t really think the ingredients are needed so I’ll definitely give that one a miss.

My honest opinion? When you eat a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle, you simply don’t need to consume the ingredients in these teas on a regular basis. Even though they may be completely natural, every herbal remedy has an effect on the sensitive balance of our bodies so we should always be cautious.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me 🙂

With love, Tash <3x




  1. Nora says:

    Seems like an interesting tea to try! I like that it’s fruit based. Cool post and product xx

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    1. The morning one tastes lovely but it did send me a bit scatty 🤣


  2. krismadeablog says:

    Great conclusion. By eating right, we won’t need these supplements.

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