Chocolate Protein Overnight Muesli

This is a great breakfast to prepare the night before and pop in the fridge so it’s ready to eat the next morning. Full of healthy ingredients and with the addition of protein powder, it will fuel you up for the busy day ahead.

I use low sugar muesli for overnight oats as it has lots of nutritious extras, such as; pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raisins, nuts, etc. which means more nutrition with no extra hassle as you don’t have to add them in yourself! #winning 🙂



To leave overnight 

To add in the morning (optional)


  1. Pop all the overnight ingredients in a container with a lid, shake well and pop in the fridge overnight
  2. Remove from fridge and either eat it as it is or pop in a bowl and top with the chocolate sprinkles, yogurt and chocolate sauce shot.

With love, Tash ❤ x



  1. This looks delicious I will have to give it a go! 😋

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    1. It was so good lovely 😍😋

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  2. I don’t usually eat breakfast as if I am at work I start really early and don’t feel like eating at that time. But this might be a good idea to do on those work days! It looks super yummy! Thank you for sharing xxx

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    1. It’s a good one to have ready to take with you and eat when you start getting hungry 😋😍 xxx

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      1. Definitely! Looks very tasty xxxx

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