The Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps have gained massive popularity recently due to their amazing health benefits.

However, the benefits aren’t just health related, the lamp is a beautiful addition to your home both turned off or on. When they are off, as you can see from the picture on the left they look like beautiful crystals and when they are on (pic on the right above), they give a delightful glow that makes you feel so cosy and warm.

You can get them in lots of different styles so you can pick the one that suits your home and your tastes the best.

Everyone that has seen our salt lamp comments on how beautiful it is and they make wonderful presents.

Some of the Important Health Benefits

Purifying the Air

Salt lamps are well known for cleansing the air removing dust, pollen, mould and other tiny particles invisible to the eye but that can cause us humans to suffer from breathing problems and can irritate allergies.


The bulb inside the salt lamp heats up the salt surrounding it and the salt attracts the water molecules that are in the air along with any dust or other foreign particles that the water is carrying (the correct term for this process is hygroscopy). The water then evaporates back into the air leaving the foreign particles trapped inside the salt lamp. This process helps to naturally detox the air we breathe in our homes every day meaning that anyone suffering from asthma and allergies could find a reduction in their symptoms.

Amazing huh? Nature really is mind blowing.

The Release of Negative Ions

Whilst not in huge amounts, Himalayan salt lamps are known to release negative ions into the atmosphere which can help to neutralise electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us everyday through the technology we use in our homes; TV, WiFi, radio, computer, phones, tablets…the list is endless and we are constantly being bombarded with harmful Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) which places stress on our bodies at a cellular level.

For more information on this, you can read more via this interesting article here.

Helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder

The soft orange glow of light that the lamp produces feels and looks like the warm glow of the Sun and can therefore reduce symptoms of SAD. Particularly beneficial when the Winter season kicks in and the days get shorter.

We bought our salt lamp at a health and wellness fayre but you can usually find them in crystal shops or of course, order them on Amazon or other online places.

Improvements in Mood

Negative ions are abundant in natural woodlands, forests, waterfalls etc. and is one of the main reasons that people feel refreshed and energised after a walk in nature so having a lamp in your home that emits a small amount of  negative ions can provide a similar effect on our moods as a lovely stroll in the woods. I would personally recommend both though!

Happy salt lamp hunting!

With love, Tash ❤ x




  1. I have seen a few posts about these lamps and I always think they look so beautiful. I know people say they are good for you. But never really knew why. Until now! A great posts, informative and now I want one! 💕

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    1. Aww thanks honey 😚 they are fab! You’ll never regret buying one 👌 xx

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      1. Yeah they look so good. My birthday is next month I might have to treat myself xx

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      2. Ooh what date us your birthday? Mine’s 23rd Feb! Xxx

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      3. February 11th 😍. Oooo so close. Where did you buy yours from? Xxx

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      4. So close! 👌 I got mine from a health fayre but the seller has a shop in Watford. Where are you based? X

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      5. I live in Bournemouth. X

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      6. Ah bound to be some there! Cool place to love btw! 😍 xxx

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      7. Yeah love it here, love living near the beach. How about you? Xxx

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      8. I would too!! Grew up in Newquay and landed in Reading strangely. 😉🤣

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      9. Oh cool. Not too far! X

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  2. Becoming The Better Version Of You says:

    This is a fun fact I had no idea about, saw these at Christmas German markets and wondered what the fuss was about x

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    1. They are fab! Love mine and can’t sit in the lounge without it on now haha xxx

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  3. iodizeblog says:

    Aren’t they beautiful? I absolutely love how these Salt Lamps incredibly fit anywhere in the house without even changing the slightest of my interior. I got my Salt Lamp from Saltean. Sometimes, I used to suffer from depression and anxiety which used to make me miserable so these lamps really influence positivity in my behavior. I’ve been using them now for quite a long time.

    Best Regards!

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    1. They really are and the light is so warm and comforting! 👌😍 love them! Hope your depression and anxiety is under control. 🙏

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  4. iodizeblog says:

    Yes, I’m a lot better now. Thanks for your concern.

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    1. So pleased to hear that lovely ❤


  5. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing such an informative article. I also have Himalayan salt lamps in my house. These lamps are just more than awesome. They are not only beautiful but also have healthy and healing benefits for human mind and body as you have mentioned above. They eliminate all the dust particles and smoke from the air and make it pure and fresh. They help me in relieving stress and depression and improve the sleep cycle. I have bought my lamps from ittefaqco at a very reasonable price and they are of great quality.

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    1. They are special aren’t they! 😍 I honestly couldn’t be without mine now ❤ xxx


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