My Favourite Mascara’s for the Wide Awake Look

We all love that wide eyed and bushy tailed look but with so many mascara’s out there to choose from, it can be a long (and expensive) journey to find the perfect one! 😦

Of course, we could all have eyelash extensions or apply falsies every morning but both of those options are way too faffy and high maintenance for me so I’ll stick to a few layers of mascara on my peepers 🙂

I have two brands to recommend to you here. One of them is high end and costs more but lasts longer and the other you can buy in any supermarket, drugstore, etc. and is a lot more agreeable with the old bank balance.

Both brands have a brush applicator instead of a comb. The mascara’s that come with a comb applicator just give me big gaps between each lash… not the look I want to achieve… I prefer big voluminous lashes! 😀

First up, let’s start with the cheaper more accessible one as it is my absolute favourite ‘every day’ mascara 😀

Maybelline Collossal Big Shot Mascara

Maybelline Collossal Mascara
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This mascara costs approximately £7.99 but it appears regularly in lots of deals (buy one get one half price, buy three things, get the third free etc.) and is also quite often marked down to £5.99 in Superdrug *thumbs up*! 😀

I find that 3 or 4 coats (obviously be careful not to clump) does the trick with this mascara and it definitely works as a great comparison to the higher end and more expensive mascara’s on the market.

The liquid is quite thick so every few uses, I tend to dip the brush in eye make up remover and back in the mascara tube to loosen it up a bit. This keeps it fresh and clump free and makes it last a lot longer.

What I really love about this mascara is that I wear it to the gym and it doesn’t budge or give me panda eyes! I was pleasantly surprised by this given the price and the fact that it’s not marketed as ‘waterproof’.

It also lasts hours and doesn’t split and leave little pieces of dried up mascara on your face 🙂

I do need to buy a new one of these every couple of months so it doesn’t last as long as the next one I’m recommending.

Lancome Dolls Eyes

Lancome dolls eyes
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This mascara is my favourite high end mascara costing anywhere between £21-25.

One major difference between this and the Maybelline one is that this one lasts a lot longer (between 3-4 months) and I don’t need to use waterproof makeup remover to loosen it up as it remains a loose liquid for longer. Other than that, this one is very similar to the Maybelline one 🙂

I do really like the waterproof version of this Lancome mascara for holidays as it lasts a good few hours of being in and out of the pool or sea 🙂

Either of these mascara’s is a good buy in my opinion. My Mum and Sister bought the Maybelline one on my recommendation a few weeks ago and loved it ❤

Happy peepers, happy us 😉

With love, Tash ❤ x


  1. Mascara is such a broad choice! I’d love to try the lancome but can’t bring myself to purchase it lol.

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    1. There are just so many aren’t there. The lancome one is lovely but so expensive 😨


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