My Favourite Eye Cream

As we all know, one area of the face that ages the quickest is the eye area 😦

If using an eye cream is not part of your daily routine, I would recommend adding it in now – you can’t use a normal face cream on your delicate eye area and eye creams are developed to help with a variety of problems that only occur around the eyes, such as; bags and dark circles as well as lines and wrinkles. A good eye cream is an essential in my opinion 🙂

I suffered with puffy eyes and dark circles long before I noticed any fine lines but when I saw those starting to crop up, I knew I needed to find a really good eye cream that would treat all of those areas. Easy peasy you may think…unfortunately not. My search went on for a good couple of years. I tried expensive creams, cheap ones and everything in between and nothing seemed to noticeably help. Until I tried Boots Time Delay anti-ageing eye cream. 

Boots eye cream

I can honestly say, this is the best eye cream I have ever come across at a really affordable price (usually between £5 and £8). It seems to treat all the issues in the eye area in one handy cream. I have recommended it to lots of people who are now using it and most recently recommended it to my sister and she has agreed that she really can see a difference ❤

I can certainly tell if I have run out and not been able to use it for a couple of days…and that to me says it all. I now have at least 2 in my possession at any given time, which is handy as I keep giving one away when I recommend it! LOL! 😉

Definitely a product worthy of a blog post recommendation from me to you 😀

With love, Tash ❤ x