Who has time to make their own pesto?

Hi – I’m Tash. 😄 I am a healthy eating fitness fanatic. I am studying diet and nutrition inme my spare time (haha spare time – there’s really not much of that going around is there?!) 😂 and I hope to get my diploma which means I will be able to help people make the right choices when it comes to eating clean healthy foods.

I, like most of you, am a busy person with a full time job…I like making healthy food but without the fuss. Who has time to make their own pesto these days?? We don’t all have a huge kitchen, loads of fresh herbs and spices to hand (i’ve tried but they die before I’ve used them up) 😂 and ‘spare’ time to make that stuff from scratch and guess what…we don’t need to. 😆 I am a big believer in making life a little easier but still keeping it fresh, unprocessed and of course, most importantly, yummy 👍❤

So, I will use my blog, to give you really easy recipes and ideas for healthy meals (probably amongst other ramblings) 😄 that will hopefully help make your life in the kitchen a little easier and a lot healthier 👍

Bye for now 😙